Thursday, November 28, 2013

Action! Part #2

What an amazing week we've had. If we are all entitled to our fifteen minutes of fame in our lifetime, well this has been the opportunity for us!

The chance to travel in style across Bhutan to film a 'reality' tv show that will air in North America to audiences of around 10 million is an incredible opportunity!

I don't want to spoil the impact of the show we filmed, so I won't go into any particular details, but I still wanted to share some of the highlights of the week.

Most importantly we met and became friends with a really lovely group of people: the crew consisting of a director, cameraman, sound guy and two producers were a close-knit and professional team. It was a pleasure to work and spend time with them (from 6am to 9pm daily). They encouraged us and hopefully brought out the best in our 'performances'. Remy and Xavier fell in love with all the crew who showered them with attention and entertained them while Bob and I were busy.

We have a new vocabulary related to the television world: continuity, dirty shot, two shot, three shot, POV, pickups, dolly, jib etc. It has really opened my eyes to the 'magic' of tv and reality television in particular. I don't think I'll ever look at tv in the same way again! On the first day we were new to being 'miked up' and all this new terminology but after a week at it we're old hats now!

Now the ten or more hours of footage that we made is in the hands of editors who will spend two weeks cutting to edit down to a twenty-something minute show. It's sad to think that much of what we filmed, and perhaps some of the special moments of the week will be lost, but overall I hope the finished show captures the beauty of Bhutan and our love for this country. All going well, the finished show will be a memento that we can keep and watch in future years with the boys to bring back memories of our amazing year in Bhutan.

The show is likely to air in North America in April, and later in Australia, so when I know I will let you know to tune in to see our adventure. Here are some photos of the fun we've had this week.

Our friend Senge joined us at Punakha to be our 'baby-sitter' - him and the boys had a great afternoon.

Punakha Dzong in the distance.

Senge and one of the drivers carrying gear to the location.

Go-pros were attached to the outside and inside of the vehicle to catch different angles.

The boys with Rebecca and Salome at a rest stop.

While it is winter here in Bumthang it was suprisingly hot in other places!

Filming a scene buying snacks - nearly got attacked by hungry monkeys.

 The director Alicia and I.
Remy and Remy-puppy - four new puppies were born at our house - lots of cuddles with the boys and crew (who they were named after!)
Cheers to an awesome week!


  1. your blog is so mesmerizing. i woke up as early as 6 a.m and it is 2 a.m now. took three breaks in between to eat three meals.. :) i wanted to ask whether your film go released or not and if it has, i will be grateful if you could give me link or title! thanks! :)

    1. Wow! That's a long day, but I know I wrote a lot! It was a tv show that we filmed. It will air in Nth America in April, soon after in Australia. Where are you?