Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Letter to My Class 2s

To my dear little friends in Class 2,

I wanted to write you a letter (that you might read one day!) to say thank you for being such an awesome class this year.

This year has been the most special of all my teaching years. I feel like I was so lucky to be your teacher this year. You are such a wonderful group of kids and we have had such a good time.

Class 2 Chumey Middle Secondary School 2013

I had an idea at the start of the year of what I could teach you in one year and we have gone so much further than that. It is my hope that  I have taught you enough English and Maths this year that will help you through the rest of your schooling life.

You've all worked really hard to learn to read and I know every one of you loves books and reading now just like I do. Keep reading and you will learn so much about the world and you will also do very well at school.

I will always remember your smiles, your funny stories, your exuberance, enthusiasm and determination. We have laughed and cried and hugged and laughed again together. I will always be wondering about you and where you go in your life.

I know you have lots of school years left to go and I pray that you are blessed with teachers who care for you, encourage you, believe in you and make learning fun and a pleasure. I hope they see your individual talents and stretch you further in the directions you want to go. I hope they see the areas you need more time to learn and spend the time it takes to help you understand.

In class we have talked about how someday some of you will have the opportunity to come to Australia for work or for study or just for travel- it might be many years away from now. But when that chance comes your way I want you to take it and come and visit me. I will be so happy to see you all grown up.

And who knows, I may have the chance to return to Bhutan sometime and I would love to see you happy and successful in whatever path you take in life.


You have taught me so much about strength, generosity and courage. I have had the most wonderful time in Bhutan and I'll never forget you.

Lots of love and big hugs to you all,
Mrs Andrea xxxx


  1. I love it Andrea and I am sure they will too Good luck with the goodbyes and enjoy the time that is left

    1. All the goodbyes have been said to kids, but of course many are still around Chumey to see again. Driving out in a month will be the moment it hits me I think.

  2. This is so wonderful. It will be so hard to say goodbye to them.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle, it comes from the heart, we have really become very close. I hope we can come back someday (in the not too distant future).