Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bangkok - The City That Eats

From early morning till late at night along every street, round every corner, down every alley way, in every glitzy shopping centre, people are EATING! It's a little overwhelming to contemplate the amount of eating that goes on in this city!

Below are the highlights (many of which involve food) of our week in Bangkok. Bangkok is the ultimate juxtaposition of step-back-in-time Asia and a vision of the future that is mind-blowing and dazzling. It has been a really great place to explore with kids, and allowing a week means we've had time to meander, stop for another snack or two, play and enjoy.

Our accomodation ( two bed apartment) at Ratchadamnoen Residence has been perfect. Down a quiet street near the Democracy Monument, and a stone's throw from Khao San Rd, we've been able to walk to many of the attractions below, including the Grand Palace. It's immaculately clean, modern and fresh, and yet only about $80 a night including a big varied breakfast. Can't argue with that!

Remy has enjoyed the little sausages that appear at breakfast everyday, not to mention the tropical fruit platters.

Bob and Remy at the Grand Palace with some school girls Remy charmed.

Pink and fancy Tuk-Tuk!

Xavier didn't approve of me photographing graffiti, but I really liked it!

Wat Ratchanaddaram - an amazingly beautiful temple, completely unique in architecture, and full of serenity.

The Golden Mount (Wat Saket)- another beautiful temple, lots of steps to get to the top.

The top platform has amazing views of the whole city.

Remy at Wat Saket

The journals came out and the little artists drew beautiful pictures of the temple.

Sky Train platform.

Bubble tea is perfect for a hot day in Bangkok!
These colourful steamed coconut cakes were delicious!

Xavier has got the hang of street eats now and inspects what's on offer. He's a sucker for a sweet treat and can pick the good ones!

Khao San Rd at night - has changed a lot since the last time I was here.
Remy requested sushi for dinner, so we found Taketei Japanese Restaurant. Avocado sushi kept the boys happy. Bob and I enjoyed a set meal with teriyaki fish, miso soup, rice, kimchi and chawanmushi for less than $5 each. Sitting at a low table on tatami mats was fun too.

Remy and I on board the taxi boat. Remy is making faces at more school girls!

 Silom Shopping Centre.
We've seen many orange robed monks, who Remy calls 'Chipmonks'.

Evidently Bangkok does not have a 'disability access code' (no lift). The stroller has been very handy, but also difficult on uneven and blocked footpaths, stairs etc.

Lumphini Park, central Bangkok.

A beautiful place to go paddleboating. We saw a monitor lizard, turtles and fish.
There was also a large playground at Lumphini Park.

The boys had a nice play with some other foreign kids (all the local kids must have been at school).

We stumbled upon the Queen's Gallery which was showing an exhibition of Marsi (a Thai Princess who has lived most of her life as an artist in Paris).
I really loved her paintings and am interested to find out more about her life.

Eggplant spicy salad at May Kaidee's Vegetarian  Restaurant, near Khao San Rd.

 Mango and banana sticky rice. Delicious!

Learning about how silk is produced at Jim Thompson's house.

Traditional dancing at Jim Thompson's house.

Sweet and salty steamed coconut cakes - sixty cents for a plate full.

 The most amazingly comprehensive food hall I've ever seen - foodie heaven - in Siam Discovery.

 Another bold food choice for Bob -  Pandan custard on toast and it was delicious!
Newly renovated Siam Center was an awesome way to spend most of a day!

 We found all the arty installations fascinating, just like being in an interactive modern art gallery.

What kid wouldn't love to climb all over giant sea creatures!

This one was super cool: the kids drew a picture on an ipad...

that was then projected up onto these huge floating spheres!
In a strange twist we came across a big group of Thai teenagers dressed up as cooky Japanese teenagers, all posing for photos!

 She knew how to work the camera!

The icing on the cake was Japanese ramen for dinner, I thought I'd teleported to Tokyo!

If you haven't already jumped online to buy your ticket to Thailand, do it now!!!!



  1. wow! thank you for all the wonderful pics!! ... love Xavi's shirt too ;) xx

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