Friday, January 11, 2013

All in a day's travel

Yesterday Xavier had decided he didn't like being in Thailand, and was feeling homesick. But as it turns out, he was probably just a bit over all the travelling that we did in twenty four hours - seven different types of transportation to be exact!

This morning he was in awe of the beauty of the beachside heaven that we've found ourselves in, and back to being a happy traveller.

Boarding the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

 Xavier is snuggled up to sleep on the train.

Arriving in Chiang Mai with our mountain of luggage.

We couldn't take an ordinary taxi or tuk-tuk from the train station due to our huge amount of luggage, so we had to hire our own song-teow. We put most of our luggage in storage in Bangkok so we could travel lighter to the beach.

Remy charms all the Thais with his 'Sawadikarp'.

Disembarking our yellow Nok Air flight at Surat Thani.

An easy transition to a one and a half hour bus trip to the Surat Thani port.

A scenic 45 minute trip in a high-speed catamaran brought us to Nathom Pier on Koh Samui.

A final song-teow trip brought us to Lamai Beach and now we are ready for 6 relaxing nights by the beach.

All that travelling was worth it!
Our biggest dilemma today - beach or pool??!!

And at all times, Remy is cool!


  1. Wow! you deserve a holiday at the beach after all that travelling! x

  2. It is great to follow your travels this way. I love the last pic of cool Remy!