Tuesday, January 1, 2013

From Down Under

I'm very proud to be an Aussie, and the larrikin, fun-loving, adventurous Australian spirit is summed up for me in the song 'Down Under', which inspired the name of my blog. 

I have memories of hearing this song in Goa, Germany and Saigon, and it always fills me with emotion and nostalgia. Just like the singer in the song who was famously comforted by a vegemite sandwich, I've got four tubes of vegemite tucked in our luggage for those moments when we need a familiar taste of home. We Aussies mightn't have much of a cuisine to speak of, but at least it is portable!

I have spent five years of my life living overseas already, and as I embark on a sixth, it's with a real sense of pride in our culture that encourages us to see the world, enjoy different cultures and open our minds, while still calling  Australia home - which brings me to my other favourite Aussie song!

What songs help you think of home when you are travelling?

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  1. Yep! these two songs have been rolling around my head in the past 6 months too!