Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Photo-a-day

The most exciting thing that happened to me today is that without any fanfare, explanation or reason, our broadband internet started working again. For six or more weeks we've been out a connection except for about three random days in that time, and I can't tell you how frustrating it is!

We have tried every avenue to fix the problem including buying a new Bhutanese modem (to replace our flash Australian wifi modem), numerous visits from Bhutan Telecom to our house, and numerous visits from Bob to the Bhutan Telecom office in Chamkar. In the end an assumption was made by all that it was our computer that was the problem, and Bob has spent hours over the past few days using the computer at the post office to research buying a new computer to be shipped here from overseas.

And then, on a whim, I plugged in the modem this morning and it worked. I have no idea why! No one here can give any explanation, and in fact when I questioned my colleagues today they said "Oh yes, my internet hasn't been working for a while either", but no one seems too disturbed about it!

So I am very happy to post my photos today, quite a few of which I wasn't able to upload onto the facebook page through the month. Is it really going to be August tomorrow?

1 - Happiness
Happiness is good friends, good food, beautiful scenery.

2 - Shoes
Shoes at Semtokha Dzong

3 - Cold
When we reached the ridge above Tharpa Ling, the wind was cold!

4 - Red, White and Blue
Om Mani Padme Hum painted on the rock wall at a temple above Tharpa Ling

5 - Love
We stopped at Lobesa en route to Thimphu to buy sweets and icecreams as an afternoon pick-me-up - 8 hours of driving down, 3 to go!

6. Fave Smell
Waking up in Matt and Lucy's place in Chemgang to the smell of fresh pancakes and my favourite Earl Grey Tea!

7 - Where you are
Pedestrian Day in Thimphu, the streets are closed so people can walk and play in the streets of the capital every month!

8. Path
We stayed at Gangtey Palace in Paro with enchanted gardens and lovely cobblestone paths.

9 - Three Things
Three water-powered prayer wheels on the walk up to Tiger's Nest.

10 - Smooth
The slide at the children's playground in Thimphu.

11- I wore this
Bob bought me a new double dorji amulet at Paro Dzong to add to my growing collection of blessing strings.

12 - A Bad Habit
This lady is preparing 'doma' - betel nut - to sell. It has a mild intoxicating effect to those (most Bhutanese) who chew it through the day.

13 - 4 O'Clock
What a lovely moment to capture forever! Enjoying tea and biscuits on the grass in the afternoon sunshine with Senge at Phobjika.

14 - Edible
This freshly slaughtered meat is being put out to dry in the sun. This is edible for Bhutanese, but as it was swarming with flies I'm glad to be vegetarian!

15 - Outside the Window
Looking through the windscreen of our hired car as we go over the Lowa-La pass.

16 - Bottle
We came back from Thimphu with a couple of boxes of luxury imported foods to last the final 5  months. Will two bottles of olives get us through?

17 - Inspiration
School began with two days of gardening - here the students are planting hazelnut seedlings which is the new cash crop Bhutan hopes to make money with in the future.

18 - Number
The Dzongkha number chart on my classroom wall.
19 - Building
This photo is not from the day, but I couldn't resist showing one of the worlds most impressive, unusual and fascinating buildings - Tiger's Nest Monastery.

20 - Hot
I have become addicted to chilli and even make chilli fried rice for breakfast most mornings!

21 - Fave food
It's not my favourite food in the world (could be a tight competition between Japanese and Indian), but these are my favourite Bhutanese foods - momos, kewadatsi and puris.

22 - Grey
Crossing the grey bridge in grey weather to the grey stone house where one of our teachers was hosting a baby shower after school.

23 - I Drew This
Inspirational signs I made for the library door.

24 - D is for...
Door - the High School Library Door is beautifully decorated.

25 - Ground
Students cutting the grass by hand with sickles - with all the monsoon rain the grass is growing quicker than they can cut it so they are out every morning doing this before school.

26 - Everyday
Everyday in Bhutanese homes, schools, temples etc water bowls are offered to the Buddha. Each bowl represents a different precious thing to offer the Buddha such as beautiful fragrance.

27 - Black and White
I had wanting to photograph this wooden ladder that leads up to one of our neighbour's homes.

28 - This is new
These potatoes were freshly harvested by one of my student's families from their field over the road and she brought us these at the end of the day.

29 - Perspective
This sunflower appears to be towering over the Himalayas in the background.
30 - Friendship
The children here all walk to and from home together in small friendship groups. I remember doing this when I was little.
31 - Workspace
So happy that our home workspace is in action again - for how long is anyone's guess!

Here's to staying online for at least a few days so we can catch up with everyone!


  1. Some lovely shots Andrea I loved the shoes and numbers - so apt Good luck with staying connected

  2. Loving reading this blog and viewing these stunning photos. Going to take me awhile to catch up on them all. B

    1. Thanks Bridget, I have written a lot this year and taken a lot of photos for sure. I will also spend some time looking through your blog now too!

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