Monday, July 1, 2013

June Photo-a-day

As I organise my June photos I am sitting at the River Lodge in Chamkar, the same place we stayed six months ago before we moved to our Bhutanese home in Chumey. We are gathered here with our fellow volunteer teachers who we are sharing this journey with, some of whom have travelled days across the country to be here.
It is such a pleasure to see them all again, talk, laugh, and realise that many of the experiences we have fumbled through alone our friends have also lived through, survived and mostly we can laugh about. We've grown, opened our eyes, developed new skills in teaching, communicating and living and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is immensely happy to have been accepted as a Bhutan Canada Foundation teacher for 2013.


Starts with B - Bull
Saw this big guy at the crossroads and wondered where he was headed!

 2 - A moment
Young monks at Kunga Rabten Palace

3 - On my table
Happy Birthday Remy!

4 - After Dark
The home over the road from our house.

5 - Environment
Making posters with UNESCO club for World Environment Day

6 - Transport
A photo from February of our transport from Thimphu to Bumthang loaded with all our worldly goods.

7 - Bright
Bright students in the bright sun under a bright yellow tree studying.

8 - Animal
 A smiling goat!


9 - From down low
Looking up at Kharchu Monastery that we finally visited yesterday - newly adorned with red prayer flags.

10 - You

11 - Funny
We can't help but laugh when we see giant phalluses painted on houses in Bhutan.
12 - 11 O'Clock
With classes finished for the term, kids stayed for two hours for the chance to read to me in the library.
13 - Kitchen
Our fully functional Bhutanese kitchen.
14 - Texture
The walls of our school and house are made from solid rock shaped into bricks producing a rustic textured wall.
15 - From Above
I climbed up to the boarding students' hostel to take a photo of the school from above.
16 - Family
Today we are at Nimalung Tsechu.
17 - Centred
Second day at Nimalung Tsechu, this mask dancer is leaping and centred in my picture.
18 - Street
The national highway allows travellers in both directions to pass the chorten on the left and create good karma.
19 - Currently Reading
Pema Chodron is the daily inspiration for me to live with awareness here in Bhutan.
20 - Cute
I chased this tiny little kitten down the street in Chamkar.
21 - Lunchtime
We went out for lunch for momos.
22 - Enjoying life
At the end of a Saturday at work, coming home to a delicious dinner of roast veggie pasta and a glass of Bhutanese Red.
23 - Last
We were down to our last cheese ball so we went to the milk processing plant to buy more.
24 - Negative Space
Some cute new graffiti out the front of Tenzin's shop.
25 - Sharp
Fence at school assembly ground.
26 - Empty
Bob was halfway through his ride for Drug and Alcohol awareness and his water bottle was empty!
27 - Into the sun
Not much sun all day, but I liked the silhouette of this tree.
28 - Red
Red chillies drying in the sun.
29 - In my bag
Packed and ready to go to Chamkar
30 - Handwriting
I made chocolate pumpkin spice cake with icing and sprinkles to celebrate 6 months in Bhutan.
I made ch

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