Friday, March 22, 2013

February Photo-a-day

It's a case of better late than never in posting my February photo-a-day pictures - finally we have broadband and I'm able to use Blogger on my computer and can upload photos.
February seems long ago, it was a time of transition between our pampered life as travellers to our new life in rural Bhutan which required quite a lot of adjustment. At times life was a bit hectic to remember to take the photo each day, but by the end of the month I got it together enough to have a complete collection.
Do you have a favourite?

February 1st - Fork
The fork and spoon with the lovely brass plates at the Cypress Restaurant, Thimphu.

 February 2nd - Pattern
So many beautiful patterns to choose from, these were on the prayer wheels in clock-tower square.

February 3rd - Something that begins with E
Eight Eleven - the supermarket

February 4th - Hope
Prayer flags at Dochula Pass spreading messages of hope for all sentient beings on the wind

February 5th - Something you smelled
Entering the dining room at hotel and another sumptuous buffet awaits

February 6th - Soft
These handmade wool flowers caught my eye at the Chazam restaurant we stopped at enroute from
Wangdi to Chumey.

February 7th - Your name
The beautiful welcome sign in the school library

February 8th - Orange
The front door at our local monastery

February 9th - Guilty Pleasure
Have I mentioned I'm a bit addicted to the internet (especially facebook)?

February 10th - 3 O'Clock
 At three o-clock we were walking to the monastery above our house with friends Kyle and Sarah. How amazing is the span of these prayer flags?

February 11th - Entrance
This sign is at the entrance of my school

February 12th - Where you ate lunch
We were invited to share Losar (Bhutanese New Year) lunch with my school Principal and family

February 13th - Walk
Taken on my early morning walk to school

February 14th - Love is
My gift for Valentine's Day from Bob, a heart shaped ladle for our bath tub

February 15th - In my fridge
I've never had a fridge so bare - just the essentials here

February 16th - Perfect
Bhutanese students are so well behaved at assembly, and organise themselves in their places without teacher help, from class PP to 10. No fidgeting, whinging, they are perfect.

February 17th - In your hand
Remy's first experience in the snow, he had so much fun!!!

February 18th - Something you don't like
Litter is everywhere here, a scourge of the modern world
February 19th - I am...
Ready to welcome my students into the classroom

 February 20th - Where you stood
This is the interesting way we enter our school, the bars keep out wandering cows.

February 21st - Full
These pretty tea cups can be found all over Bhutan wherever tea is served, so when it came to buying our own kitchenware I had to go for some of the same pattern - kitch!

February 22nd - Makes you smile
We visited the Nomad Festival and they had a competition to guess the weight of the baby yak - that and the sight of the Bhutanese in their finest dress made me smile.

February 23rd - A word
Himalaya is the word - it is my pursuit of these magestic mountains and the culture of this region that is the reason we find ourselves in Bhutan

February 24th - Clouds
The view of clouds outside my school building

February 25th - On your bedside table
A selection of reading materials on our bedhead (we don't have a bedside table!)

February 26th - Quiet
In contrast to when they are in the classroom, the students are so quiet at lunch time - eating in almost silence with their families in the sun

February 27th - Play
We went to the Tsechu at Buli and this young boy had the important job of playing the cymbal

February 28th - Upside Down
The first thing I saw today that was upside down  - our thermals that keep us warm.


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  1. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful photos - and the ones from your couple of previous posts. My fave from this post is from the 13th - walk to school; I love sharing (in a very small way at least) your days. xx Sorry I missed you on skype yesterday :(