Tuesday, December 4, 2012

World Schooling

I look upon the adventure we're going on as a fantastic learning opportunity for us all. The teacher in me wants to especially find the 'teachable moments' in our travels and explore them with the kids. I've discovered there is a name for that: 'world schooling'!

I've been busy making special travel journals for the boys for Christmas - it was difficult to think of a gift that was practical and useful and lightweight enough for us to take away, and that was still fun too!

I researched on the net for inspiration and found some lovely examples of children's travel journals here and here. I loved the simplicity of the ideas on this website and the ones I made are based on that. For Xavier I found some daily diary sheets on enchanted learning.com that we can help him fill in, especially in Thailand as we'll be out and about sightseeing everyday and seeing new things. 

I've left a blank page for each day to allow for drawing and other writing, or gluing in tickets, postcards, stickers etc that we come across. Remy's is a mostly blank book with colouring in sheets for Thailand - of local animals and scenes of people in traditional dress and festivals. If we have the time at the end of the day we can sit with him and draw and write some memories.

I found some sturdy plastic document wallets at Officeworks in bright colours that I have put the journals in, along with a pencil case (One Direction for Xavier, Spiderman for Remy) filled with textas, pencils, scissors and glue sticks. Also some stickers, and a couple of paperback books each. Altogether it makes an entertainment package for travel and filling in time waiting for planes etc. I'll update you on how we go with it!

I'm hoping that having their Thailand journals to look through will help them remember the holiday and also be a book they enjoy sharing with new friends in Bhutan. 

I hope you can keep a secret!

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  1. Excellent Andrea! Travel Journals are so valuable for kids (for so many reasons!!). Even the times when the kids weren't inspired I made them write/do something in them (what a teacher-mum!) and now the journals have become wonderful treasures. I'm looking forward to seeing these ones when you come home! xx