Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Boxing Day

I'm at the end of my second day of packing, feeling sweaty and gritty and in need of a cup of tea and then a swim and then probably definitely a cool glass of wine with dinner.

After dinner we're taking the boys to see the Christmas lights - keeping things fun and 'normal' while all around us our possessions are being boxed up and stacked ready for storage.

In a practical sense it has been a great day - we met the couple and their daughter who will be renting our house next year, and they are lovely, responsible people which is a relief. I'm sure they will enjoy their sea change from Sydney, and I will rest easier at night knowing they will look after our home.

Also we may have a buyer for one car and Bob has found a corporate client through Drive My Car who will take a long term lease on our family car - which more than covers the costs of keeping the car on the road while we're gone.

I'm pleased we've made significant headway with all our jobs in two days, but look forward to a change of pace tomorrow - I'm taking the boys to the playgroup Christmas party. We can dress up in our Christmas colours and open gifts, eat festive treats and share precious time with our dearest friends.

While most people are counting down the days to the BIG DAY in 6 sleeps (and of course there are two little people here who are very focussed on that too), for me the BIG DAY that is now just 2 weeks away is what I'm counting down to. By then the packing, cleaning, administration and organising will be done and it will be my turn to relax.

I can almost smell the smoky wok as my pad thai is served, nearly feel the tingle of the cold Singha beer on my tongue and just about hear the screeching traffic of hectic Chiang Mai. My senses are ready to be awakened.

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  1. mmmm pad thai! You've got a lovely holiday to look forward to ... and then Bhutan!! It sounds like things are falling in to place now with less than 2 weeks to go! (wow!) Happy packing xxx