Friday, January 3, 2014

Photo-a-day December

Looking through the photos for December, it's hard to believe that a month ago I was still finishing my teaching duties at Chumey MSS!

We also travelled through Eastern Bhutan and then onto Thailand and Malaysia. What a month - doing what I love most, travelling! Some of these photos show how we were able to find snippets of Christmas wherever we were, although December had a very different feel to being in Australia- a little refreshing to be honest that it wasn't all about Christmas.

Although I'll continue taking daily photos (and posting in the FMS Facebook group) , I think this will be my last photo-a-day blog post as my blog scales back. Thank you for enjoying my photos this year, it has been a pleasure to show interesting facets of Bhutan through my photos and keep the most wonderful record of our year away. Best wishes for 2014!

1 - Red
Our elf found us, even in Bhutan!
2 - Where I stood
Out the front of Mrs Pema's shop in Chumey.

3 - Silver
A collection of coins from my purse.
4 - Tiny
Pema Choki shows me her tiny stapler.

5 - In the cupboard
The last few things left in our pantry in Chumey.
6 - Shadow
The lovely long tree shadows near Umsang village.
7 - 6 O'Clock
Last night of domestic life like no other in Chumey, Bhutan.
8- I shop here
The vegetable markets in Chamkar where we came every fortnight for fresh produce.

9 - This is the weather today
What a joy to enter eastern Bhutan and feel warm - such a contrast to our home in Bumthang.
10 - R is for
River - the mighty river flowing through Autsho.
11 - Green
A gorgeous garden of green in Autsho.
12 - Joy is
Monks watch on joyfully as my sons joyfully chase pidgeons at Trashigang Dzong.
13 - Composition
Chorten Kora at Trashiyangtse (using rule of thirds).
14 - drinks
A drink for the road? At a bus stop enroute to Thrumsingla.
15 - Lights
This one is out of sequence - of Paro Dzong lit up at night.
16 - Makes you feel merry
A sight you would never see in Queensland in December - snow! It made us feel very merry and in the Christmas spirit to see snow in December.
17 - Trees
Lots of trees in the distance, but centre stage to the Bhutanese flag for National Day.

18 - Big
A gorgeous big bow on the wreath on a friends door in Thimphu.
19 - Tis The Season
Of goodbye dinners - many farewells night after night.

20 - I'm listening to
Young Bhutanese children sing carols at the Taj Tashi - slightly surreal!
21 - On the door
Beautiful decorations at Kichu Monastery, Paro.
22 - Sparkly
A beautiful Christmas scene at our hotel in Bangkok.
23 - Tradition
A Thai tradition I love - Spirit Houses.
24 - Wrapped
Bob's Christmas gifts wrapped in Thai Newspaper and Bhutanese ribbon to be opened in Malaysia!
25 - The best bit
The best part of our non-traditional day was discovering the street art of Penang, Malaysia.
26 - Where you slept
At Hotel Sentral, Georgetown, Malaysia.
27 - What you're doing now
About to get wet! At Langkawi, Malaysia.
29 - Reflect - best bit of 2013
Without a doubt, the best part of 2013 was being Class 2 teacher in Chumey, Bhutan.
30 - You
Feeling relaxed with a sunset cocktail on Langkawi.

31 - Celebrate
Fire ceromonies in Langkawi to bring in the New Year.

Let's see what 2014 has in store: more photos and as of yesterday, a new camera as my trusty phone was dropped and smashed. I think I'm ready for an upgrade!


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