Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Photo-a-day

While August seemed to go slowly, September has gone by so fast I can hardly believe I'm compiling another batch of photos! Isn't it funny how that happens!

The highlight of this month has been having visitors come to stay: first Ian and Vicky former (and future, hopefully) BCF teachers, and soon after they left Bob's mum arrived with Leckie and Marilyn, two other BCF mums travelling out to see the sights of Bumthang. Grandma Dicky is still here, seeing and experiencing for herself our life in Chumey, Bhutan. I have no doubt the lightness I have felt with visitors around the house is a large part of why time has flown, and with more visitors, tsechus and other exciting happenings coming up in October, the days are likely to slip between our fingers even more so.
We are living each day to the fullest so we can to soak up all of Bhutan in the time that remains. And so here is the month in photos:

1 - Together
I took the boys for a play and paint down by the river - as it turned out they yelled out 'paint a crocodile' etc and I painted what they wanted on the rocks. We worked on these together!
2 - My name begins with

3 - Lines
4 - Alone
I set out for some quiet alone time, but ran into all these little friends from school - there is no such thing as quiet walk alone when you live in a small Bhutanese village!
5 - Here Forever
These Himalayas aren't going anywhere!

6 - Getting Ready
Preparations for Friday afternoon art - paper weaving

7 - White

8 - Made by me
Making a prototype to show the girls at Unesco Club for our weaving/upcycling project.
9 - On the wall
Love the colours of these clothes drying in one of the main streets of Chamkar

10 - Sweet
My favourite Indian sweets 'Gulab Jamun'.

11- What you did today
We met Ian and Vicky for the first time - fellow Aussies who spent the past two years teaching in Bhutan.

12 - Shadow

13 - Unexpected
Although we're all hoping for a royal visit, the residents of Chumey didn't expect to see 25 mini kings and queens walking down the main street!

14 - Liquid
Sonam pours me a cup of tea at the Class 2 picnic
15 - Season
A beautiful clear sunny morning which was followed by grey skies and storms - predictable weather for the end of the monsoon season
16 - Frame
Most window frames in Bhutan are elaborately decorated, but I like this pop of turquoise on the log hut I pass on the way to school.
17 - In front of me
This man prayed for me to Vishwakarma, the god of machinery, so that I may have a safe and prosperous year in front  of me as far as machinery goes.
18 - Vintage
A rumoured haunted house next door, old and with a traditional style roof - slates held down with rocks.
 19 - What is this?
20 - In the morning
Dressed up in a new kira and beads for the Thangbi Tsechu
21 - Rule of thirds
Well, I really didn't know what I was doing when I took this photo, but since then I've been working with my gridlines on my phone to take lots of 'rule of thirds' photos!
22 - Made me smile
Down by the river with the boys for the last of the afternoon sun
23 - From my childhood
A difficult photo - I have nothing here that reminds me of my childhood! But just like Remy, I used to love my matchbox cars.
24 - Space
I attended a local funeral this afternoon - leaving me feeling light and spacious. I looked up at the clear sky to see this infinite space.
25 - H is for
House! This house is being built by handcrafted bricks made from river boulders, each one chipped to shape and size. Amazing.
26 - Curve
The beautiful curves of the Tower of Trongsa museum.
27 - WTF?
Walking out of school at lunch time to see these folks sitting by the side of the road chopping pumpkin and drying meat in the sun. Something you don't see everyday!
28 - Gold
The gold finial on the top of Trongsa Dzong.
29 - 10 O'Clock
Having missed 10am its lucky the boys were still up at 10pm downloading and playing new games with the free wifi at hotel.
30 - Found
Look what we found at the markets in Trongsa!
Photographically speaking, the best thing that came out of this month is my new photographic skill to work on - Rule of thirds. While we were advised that not every great photo follows this rule, I am really enjoying working with my gridlines to compose photos, something new to think about!


  1. love, love, LOVE these monthy photos Andrea - such a lovely thing to do... and it's already Setember!! ;) xx

    1. Thanks Al. You should join in! It is a very valued part of my daily routine, and everyone who knows me here will know I always have a photo to find each day! I really look forward to continue next year to look for all the special things at home.