Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Photo-a-Day

The end of May marks the end of our fourth month in Bhutan and fifth month away from home - which leaves about seven months to go in our year long adventure.

I remember when I lived in Japan it took four months to really settle in - to find new rhythms of life, make friends, adapt to all the differences at work. And again, at the four month mark we are also feeling settled here, feel like our house is our home, and everything seems less strange. Friendships with co-workers are starting to grow, and the connections we made with our other BCF teachers have been consolidated over many a phone call, text and a lovely catch up mid May in Wangdi.

Taking my photos each day is a little creative task I enjoy, and the best part is uploading the photo from my phone to the FMS facebook group to share it with the group and receive feedback, encouragement and inspiration. I also love seeing how people around the world interpret the prompts and I have a window on to the life I miss at home (thanks to my friend Sarah and all her photos that include the beach!).

1 - I bought this
A teacher at school brought this in to sell - a kira handwoven by her sister.

2 - Morning Ritual
It was the school Rimdro (purification ceremony) and this was the beginning of the ritual in the morning.
3 - This is really good!
I went to the post office and had 6 parcels to collect, 5 from FMS members full of supplies for school. The power of good!

4 - In my cup
Lunch in Chamkar - momos and Red Panda!
5 - Paper
I hid a geocache in our village and this is the introduction note that goes inside.

6 - Broken
Windows for all the primary school classrooms have long been broken

7 - Something starting with F
I went for the quadruple word score this day with fence, field, farmhouse and forest. Another FMS member suggested fauna as well!
8 - Shape
This shape is called the Endless Knot and is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. It is made as an offerring for wisdom and it makes sense that it is on the school gate.

9 - Snack
We were travelling to Wangdue and stopped on the way for a snack at a road-side stall - momos, coffee, boiled eggs and chips.

10 - Stars
I stepped out of the book fair at the end of a long day and this was the first thing I saw - a school bus with stars - perfect!

11- Smile
Not one but three radiant smiles under a bodhi-tree at Chimi Lhakang, near Punakha.

12 - Mother
This is how all the local mums carry their bubs, so they are handsfree.

13 - Sunrise/Sunset
Sunset over Dhomkar village.

 14 - Need
We need handrails for our three flights of stairs!

15 - 7 O'Clock
7am and I am supervising students eating rice for breakfast as I am Teacher On Duty.

16 - Mailbox
Some of the huge assortment of stationery I have in the library now thanks to all the mailboxes that have arrived from friends around the world.

17 - Season
I have watched these plants in our assembly area transform from dead sticks to leafy bushes. Two weeks later there are flower buds!

18 - Want
I've had a feeling in my heart lately, do I want another child?

19 - My favourite view
We had a wonderful day out that included a hike to this river - completely peaceful and gorgeous scenery.

20 - Light
An unusually bright sunny day sparkling on the water in the stream I cross on way to school.


21 - I care about this
I realised this week how much I care for these kids when I found out they had all been beaten with a cane. I did what I had to do to protect them from it happening again.

22 - Change
A change in the weather (monsoon is here) means a change in footwear.

23 - PJs
Remy is a superhero by day and night.

24 - Go
Fun to go out in a taxi for dinner on Friday night.

25 - Us
A photo taken near Nimalung Monastery of us - Bob and I in national dress.

26 - Fave thing to do on a Sunday
After pancakes, tea, reading, we planted some herb seeds that came all the way from home.

27 - Can't live without
Hope - sunshine after the rain - the symbolism of the rainbow over the school reminds me that every day things will improve.
28 - What I'm doing now
Leaving the visit to a teacher's house where we paid our respects on the passing of his grandmother.
29 - Kiss
I accepted the challenge of an FMS member to have a black and white photo for 'Kiss'. Remy was very excited to see Valerie.

30 - Tool
I have just enough tools and ingredients to make a carrot cake.

31 - Four things
Walking in the rain and clouds in Tsangkha with Sarah, Ugyen and Val.

Its hard to choose a favourite, but I do love this last one, and it was a really happy day we'll remember for a long time. Having these photos (and the thought and fun that goes into taking them) will be such a great souvenir of our time in Bhutan.


  1. A great collection Andrea I too love seeing how everyone else interprets the prompts My fav would fave to be the sunrise / sunset shot

  2. I love your photos of the day. They get me so excited to come back to Bhutan.