Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Photo-A-Day

Taking a photo-a-day certainly seems to make time pass quickly. Another month has passed by, moving from winter to a very reluctant spring. I really enjoy my little creative task each day and love how I'm creating a photographic record of our time in Bhutan. Each photo will be filled with a memory of a single day- even the ordinary days that normally would slide into obscurity over time.

One thing I find is that as I am at school 6 days a week it means many of my photos are taken at or around school - I don't have much opportunity on school days to get much further. I try to find an image that shows something about Bhutan - a way to document interesting things we are finding out about this country the longer we stay.

Photo prompts for April.

April 1st - Play
We bought a keyboard in Thimphu so Xavier and I could play.

April 2nd - Blue
I love the blue details on the eaves of one of the Chumey General Shops.

April 3rd - Something starting with A
Art time in the afternoon to make posters for World Health Day.

April 4th - This Happened Today
I collected these beautiful letters from Class 6 to send to their new penpals in Canada.

April 5th - Something Good
We held a tooth-brushing event at school to mark World Health Day - it was a great success and children and teachers had so much fun!

April 6th - Air
The peach blossom hints at spring, but there is still a chill in the air. Also look carefully to see the raven (Bhutanese national bird) on the fence.


April 7th - Dreamy
A day trip to Ura revealed some landscapes that we dreamed of seeing in Bhutan. We are living the dream!

 April 8th - On your plate
We stopped at a little restaurant at Ura and had a delicious meal of homemade noodles, shuma datse, rice, dal and roasted potatoes.

April 9th - Tiny
The One Ngultrum note is small in size and value.

April 10th - Place
This is the place we call home - top floor, left hand side.

April 11th - Detail
Enjoyed analysing the results of the recent maths, english and spelling tests to see how much kids have improved already. Some special awards for the top performers.

April 12th - In the middle
By chance we were sitting outside in a circle when Kinley's sister came with a cake for his birthday. It was placed in the middle of the circle and we all sang to him. A special treat!

April 13th - View from your bed
A foggy morning when I woke up - looking out window to potato field and little house.

 April 14th - Water
 This water-propelled prayer wheel is just near our house. The stream flows through and turns the prayer wheel inside, day and night. The boys love coming here to play and Xavier is fascinated with finding out how it works.

April 15th - Alone
The girls make bundles of green leaves (clover I think) to use as a hacky sack - a nice game to play alone.

 April 16th - Favourite Colour
 I have kiras and blouses in all my favourite colours, but today it is red.
 April 17th - Hello!
This is how we say hello in Bhutan!

 April 19th - Button
His and Her Majesty the King and Queen of Bhutan on a button that is worn by many Bhutanese on their kiras and ghos.
April 20th - On my mind
Our friend Kyle came to stay and his arrival and the pizza and chocolate brownies I made to welcome him were on my mind all day.

April 23rd - Time
It was time for lunch in this lovely restaurant in Trongsa - with a wall and even clock decorated with images of Bhutan's Royal Family.
April 24th - I saw this person today
We bought some veggies at the market in Trongsa from this happy lady.
April 25th - Life is...
Life is Learning! A typical answer for a teacher! Learning about life and the world. Learning from our mistakes and learning and growing.
April 26th - Childhood
A favourite photo taken in Thimphu - I love the comment made by one of the FMS members: "Holy Himalayas, Bhutanman!"
April 27th - Earth
Organic curved lines of the potato field over the road, getting greener day by day thanks to all the rain!
April 28th - My Sunday
Baking some chocolate chip cookies - just as I took this photo a little hand reached up to grab one!
April 29th - I wore this
Xavier took this photo of me in the library wearing my purple kira and taego blouse. I wear Bhutanese national dress to school everyday!
April 30th - Glasses
Who looks super cool in his glasses?
So another month in photos! Which was your favourite? I am very excited to continue with my photos-a-day for May, I have some great ideas for the first two prompts!

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