Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love a good blog!

In the past year I have started following a number of blogs - many relating to living in Bhutan and others from families travelling with children in Asia. These have been the greatest source of inspiration for us as we've dreamed and prepared for our trip.

I love how the blogs are the real story, and thanks to the honesty of the writers have shown us the shimmering highs and the desperate lows of setting up life in Asia. I think it has helped us set up realistic expectations - in terms of day to day life (food, water, rats!) and also school (curriculum, exams and corporal punishment).

Some of the blogs have brimmed with promise of the experiences we can't wait to have ourselves like being absorbed into a community and developing close friendships with students and neighbours. Photos have been a window into the awesome views we hope to see as we walk to school or enjoy on our occasional long weekend or summer break. 

The blogs of the current Bhutan Canada Foundation teachers can be accessed from this page by scrolling down the right side. I guess in time my blog will also be linked here too!

An Australian teaching couple Vicky and her husband Ian who have been living in far Eastern Bhutan for the past two years have written a blog called  'In the shadow of the mountains' and the most recent post has some gorgeous photos of the picnics they have been invited to by their students to celebrate the end of the school year. Seeing the lush scenery, the food (unlike our usual picnic fare) and the fun games the kids all play really adds to the excitement that is bubbling inside me. I really hope we all have an opportunity to experience that for ourselves. 

It won't be long and we won't be experiencing Bhutan vicariously anymore, it will be ours to enjoy for real (which is only just starting to sink in!).


  1. Nice post. Come to Bhutan and enjoy it for yourself. Hope it doesn't let you down. Safe journey. Yeah, blogs are very helpful sources of information and inspiration. I appreciate you guys for coming and helping Bhutan. Come safely. :)

  2. I am sure that in time (a year or so!), your blog will be so helpful for people setting out on a similar journey to yours as well.... and I can't wait to read more either! xx

  3. Thank you, we are counting down now with 7.5 weeks til we leave Australia. I'm enjoying this chance to learn about how to blog, and also I think the anticipation we're feeling and the excitement is an important part of the story. Thanks for reading :)